About Us

Many years ago, when Internet was still in shorts and many of us was actively using CompuServe, Elite Systems Ltd was born.  It was definitely interesting times, Novell was dominant in the server market while Microsoft DOS 5 and Windows 3.1 competed for the desktop market with DR DOS, PCDOS and OS2.  The NZ industry was populated by only a few serious players, many however worked for large corporate companies making it difficult for the smaller businesses to install and maintain cost effective systems.  We saw a gap in this market that needed to be filled.

The company started with 3 employees; 2 system engineers and a sales consultant. In the start-up year, we found ourselves sub-contracting to major IT companies filling the shortage of top level engineers as well as training many others, passing on our knowledge and skills to them. The company traded as Yee, Looby and Smith for the first 10 months before changing it’s name to Elite Systems Ltd.

For a period Elite Systems went into acquisition phase. In year 2000 we took over DataGroup Services Ltd, then in 2001 we acquired the staff and database of Systems Mechanics Ltd.

We are IT infrastructure and network specialist, with many years of business and technical knowledge and experience.

Our areas of specialisation are: (Click here for more details)

  1. Systems Installation
  2. Pre and Post Sales support
    • LANs and WANs
    • Network Design
  3. Security
    • Network Security
    • Data Security
    • Data Integrity – Online and Offline Storage/Archiving/Disaster Recovery
  4. Mobility
  5. Productivity
    • Network Preformance and optimisation
    • Bandwidth Management/Control and filtering
    • Systems enhancements
    • Systems analysis and Design
    • VoIP
  6. Virtualisation
  7. Cloud and Hosted Services