Don’t get caught short by Ransomware attacks

Ransomare LockyRansomware
is a serious threat to your network system. It is currently the most destructive and malicious type of malware circulating on the Internet. Constantly new Ransomware is circulating the internet mostly via emails, and unprotected networks. Do not open emails that seem unexpected, even from people you might know, confirm from the sender first or delete it!

Unfortunately, we sometimes do open emails without thinking. When you get infected by Ransomware, the infected computer’s files gets encrypted, all files including files on the servers that has a mapped drive will get infected. The files locked until you pay the ransom to receive an unlock code. DO NOT pay this. Don’t fund the criminals, instead, be prepared.

Before you get victimised, there are some things you can do to protect your data, contact us for help.
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Backing up your servers and desktop computers is the best defense against Ransomware.
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