Bandwidth Management

Bandwidth Management is the management and control of what and how applications and services use the Internet connection. When you are using Internet for your critical network applications such as:

  • VoIP
  • Remote Desktop
  • VPN
  • Cloud Services
  • SMTP Servers
  • etc… you may need to ensure that these applications are getting the require Internet bandwidth that they need to operate effectively.

When there are many services and applications competing for Internet speed, someone forgot to tell these services and applications to play nicely and share Internet access evenly with others. Greedy ones will take up as much of the bandwidth they can and leave others very little.  A common example is when someone in the office is on Facebook watching a streaming video in HD, others who are doing real work will result in a slower Internet performance.

Bandwidth Management would solve this issue providing a way to ensure that services and applications are given adequate Internet resources to provide a quality service to the users.