Hosted Solutions

If you just simply need your website hosted, then probably our hosting services are not for you.

Many webhosting centres are datacentres that simply provides a location or platform for your business’s databases or websites. If your websites are static, and can be re-created easily, then this may be acceptable. However, we have setup our datacentre to host your databases that are critical, contains sensitive data and are important to the operations of your business.  We believe that your data is too important to entrust to any datacentre.

We will provide you with peace of mind computing.

  • Secure Location.   Located in a secure data centre underground in Auckland’s CBD.  The centre is monitored  24/7 by multiple CCTV video surveillance. Fully air conditioned to ensure a stable environment.
  •  High Speed Internet Connection. Using fibre-optics and gigabit Ethernet switches to manage the local area network providing fast and reliable database and webhosting access. The bandwidth is monitored and managed to provide you with fast Internet connections.
  • Fast Webhosting Servers. All web servers are powered by dedicated Web Servers with Intel Quad Core processors.
  • Data  Backups. Backups are monitored and processed daily after 12am. Since your data is important, backups are Disk 2 Disk retaining the last 3 weeks.  At an additional cost, hourly backups can be implemented as well as providing Clients with offsite backups.
  • Secure Server. DPI Firewalls secure the network and Viruses protection are standard. Certificate server is available for server encryption.

Call our office to discuss your requirements.